Danney's Pride Of Princess S. (Lobo)
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Many years ago, people began to
develop the Missouri Fox Trotter.  
Lobo's bloodlines go back to those
roots, when a horse had to be an "all
purpose vehicle".  Today, we call
that "Foundation Breeding".
Back then, it was simply a fact of
Our breeding program centers on the
completely versatile, true foxtrotting
horse, and Lobo is a natural fit.
Lobo is a true gold champagne,
and is number 50 on the
studbook of the
Champagne Horse Registry.
Then there's what he can do
under saddle
. He can work
cows, goats, birds, and
anything else that needs to be
moved, or that he
thinks needs
to be moved.
Lobo is one of the last of an era.
He's a direct son of the 1967 WGC
Danney Joe W..
Danney Joe was used extensively
for cattle work, trail guiding, and
even TV commercials.  He was a
real, true, using foxtrotter.
There are two other sons of Danney
Joe left, and they aren't getting any
younger. As such, Lobo is precious
to our breeding program.  We
believe the breed was meant for
farm work, ranch work, trail riding
and even pulling wagons...... a real,
true using horse.
Lobo has sons and daughters in many states, and several countries.  We
are proud to show examples of his offspring, and offer references of

Lobo is 25 this year and no longer offered for public stud.  
However, we will have sons and daughters for sale from our own
Lobo is also registered in:

The Gaited Baroque Horse Association.
khere for his GBHA pedigree
here for GBHA information
The International Champagne Horse Registry.
here for his ICHR pedigree
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